GP Training Practice

We are an approved Yorkshire and Humberside Deanary site for GP training, involved in the training of GP Specialist Registrars and Foundation Year 2 (FY2) doctors.  We are also a teaching partner with The Hull York Medical School, providing training for future doctors.

GP Specialist Registrars

GP Specialist Registrars are fully qualified and registered doctors undergoing a period of higher professional, specialised training to become a GP, in a specially selected and qualified practice. These doctors have typically been qualified for 2 years before they join us to complete their training for General practice, having worked in a range of hospital departments to give them a broad experience of medicine.

Each GP Specialist Registrar has a named trainer within the practice who supervisers their training and may spend anywhere between 6 - 12 months within the practice.  They can see patients independently, prescribe medicines and carry out home visits. They help us to provide extra appointments in the practice which hopefully makes it easier for you to see a doctor when you need to and they often have longer to talk to you than our other doctors. If they are not sure what is wrong with you, they will always seek help from one of our experienced GP partners.

FY2 Doctors

Following completion of a minimum of 5 years undergraduate training at Medical School, all doctors undergo a further 2 year post-graduate training programme prior to specialising. Over this 2 years they undertake 6 four month posts in various medical specialties which may include: General Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Anaesthetics, and Psychiatry & Obstetrics for example. During the 2nd year, these FY2 doctors can elect to undertake a 4 month post in General Practice. 

FY2 doctors are fully qualified and registered.  They can see patients independently and are able to prescribe medicines. They are under the clinical supervision of one of our experienced GP partners, who are always available to advise them and review their consultations at the end of surgeries.  They have extended appointment times that allow them more time to talk to you than our other doctors.

Medical Students

The practice mentors year 5 medical students from the Hull York Medical School.  These student doctors are in their final year of training prior to qualification and registration as a doctor.  We may at times ask for your permission to allow a medical student to sit in and observe your doctors appointment, or you may be offered an appointment with a medical student alone, immediately followed by an appointment with one of our experienced GP's who would ultimately be responsible for your treatment.

If you would prefer not to see a medical student then please tell us when you book your appointment.

Video Consultations

At times, as part of the GP Specialist Registrar training, we may ask  if you would be willing to have a consultation video recorded.  These recordings are used for training purposes only and will be reviewed by our supervising GP trainer.  Occasionally they may be viewed by examiners (who are all GP Trainers) as part of the Registrars final assessment.  Any recordings made will be erased when not required for training purposes and treated strictly confidential.

Your consent to have the consultation recorded is always requested in advance and you will be asked to sign a consent form on arrival at the practice.  You will be given the choice to decline and your decision will be fully respected and will in no way affect the care you are given.

Benefits of being a Training Practice

Being a Training practice acts as a stimulus for the whole practice team in terms of developing skills, and learning together.  It helps keep our doctors and nurses up to date in developments in medicine and allows us to share experiences and best practice with our training colleagues.